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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ News ~
2018 Payment Coupons
Posted on Jan 15th, 2018
Coupons for your 2018 monthly assessment payments have been sent to all owners except those enrolled in direct debit. If you have not yet received your coupons, please contact Stellar Properties. As always, you are encouraged to enroll in the free direct debit program to ensure the timely payment of assessments.
2018 Budget
Posted on Dec 31st, 2017
The 2018 budget has been approved with an increase of $10.00 to the monthly assessments.
How to Protect Plumbing During Winter Months
Posted on Dec 15th, 2017
Cold snaps in winter months can leave residents with burst water meters and/or pipes and without water service. In an attempt to cut down on these incidents, not to mention the possibility of water damage that may occur to furniture and furnishings, the following precautions should be taken during a cold spell when temperatures are predicted to be five-below-zero or lower. Following the guidelines below will not guarantee that your pipes or water meter won’t burst, but they will greatly increase the odds in your favor.
Before retiring at night, turn your faucets on so the water will drip, especially the faucets where the plumbing is on an outside wall. Water standing in pipes will freeze sooner than if it is left dripping.
When leaving for vacation during the winter months, do not turn your thermostat down. A cold house in addition to the cold outside could cause your pipes to freeze and you could return to a flooded house.
If you are moving and leaving your house in the hands of a real estate agent, call the City to have your water turned off.
If your pipes should freeze and you decide to try to thaw them out, first turn on your faucets so that when the pipe is thawed, any ice or air in the line can pass through, which will prevent the pipe from bursting.
If your water meter is near a window which is broken or has only a hairline crack, you should repair the window immediately. The cold wind will come through like a knife and freeze the meter or pipes.
If your meter is located in a garage or a room that isn’t heated, you should keep that area warm to prevent the water meter from freezing.
NOTE: The Association is not responsible for damage caused by frozen or broken pipes!
Ice Melt
Posted on Dec 1st, 2017
For your convenience, Briarcliffe Knolls will deliver a bag of ice melt to your unit at no charge to you. To 
request ice melt, please contact Stellar Properties. It is best to request the ice melt prior to ice build-up, as delivery can take several days.
Winter Preparing
Posted on Nov 30th, 2017
Please keep in mind for winter issues; if you need ice melt please call our office to request delivery of a bag of salt. We will not be dropping off bags automatically this year as done in the past.
Parking During Snow Season
Posted on Nov 29th, 2017
It is important to remember the rules regarding parking during snow season. Parking on streets is prohibited during snowfalls of two-inches. No snowplows other than contracted by the Association are permitted on the streets or Common Property of Briarcliffe Knolls.
Plowing is only done after 2 inches of accumulated snow!



~ Upcoming Events ~
February 5, 2018
Board Meeting to begin at 7:00 pm - in the Arrowhead Room 230
Wheaton Park District

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